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January 10-13, 2020 February 23, 2020


January 10-13, 2020 Orlando, FL
February 23, 2020 Orlando, FL
April 24-27, 2020 Atlanta, GA
June 6-13, 2020 Orlando, FL
September 5-16, 2020 Orlando, FL

What to expect

From the moment you register, the luxury service will take you to your seat, and help you get settled in. Lounge in the VIP areas, bond with the speakers, and mastermind with D and the other students about your business. This is a small group mastermind so anticipate the relationships developed to last a lifetime. You will get clear solutions to implement right away from the experts. You’ll leave having a custom social media blueprint that’s personalized for your business needs. This is on top of the friendships and knowledge you take with you.

What to bring

These events are hands-on and that’s why it is highly recommend to bring a laptop, tablet and mobile device. We won’t use the devices the entire event, but it’s highly recommended so you can not only follow along but apply what you learn, as you learn it. With our friendly team there to help. Any questions you have can be answered right on the spot! We also recommend bringing comfortable clothes, for the morning workout sessions. Suggested event attire is business savvy.

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