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D has always been fascinated by what it takes to run a business that serves it’s customers above and beyond and also is flexible enough to create LEVERAGE in her life.

Now that she has built several businesses successfully, she has wanted to share with others her best principles for winning.

She wanted her students to leave feeling ACCOMPLISHED. If you join the Excellence Club, you will be certified as a NLP practitioner. As well as having all the tools to set up highly converting campaigns for any business you choose.

This 3 day mastermind is an opportunity to connect with D, in a small group, as well as master the techniques used to neurologically create new links that create habits.

We are positive this will be the most impactful event we’ve ever done because when someone learns to successfully grow their business, it changes their lives –and their family’s lives– for generations.


D Sterlin has been teaching for a decade. As an NLP Trainer she certifies those who are willing to put in the work in NLP and its life-changing techniques.


Leave the event feeling you’ve got a strong grip on the techniques used by professionals to sell more, reach peak state, and more!


The Tap Into Your Excellence Mastermind is available to less than 30 business owners and once we sell out. That’s it!


Private mansion parties, swag bags, dinner with the speakers, professional social media branding package with photos is all available like with Standard and VIP, or VIP Deluxe tickets. See specific package for more details.


It is what we do today that dictates tomorrow, that is why, “action is the true measure intelligence.”


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