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Have You Ever Noticed When Change Happens?

Here’s what stopped me from being the best version of myself.

-I got complacent.

I did this for so long in my own life and that’s why I am passionate about helping others not do the same.

Complacency is debilitating.

Have you ever noticed when change happens, it occurs around turmoil, frustration or even anger? Typically there is a breaking point and beyond that point, is where we realize change is necessary.

That’s why I studied to become a NLP trainer. It’s one thing to make people feel good. But to turn that motivation into action is a science that happens in our minds.

True change is possible with the right principles.

I am not willing to give up on my dreams.

So for me, it took me saying, “No” to a lot of things. I began to say no to things like:

-what others expected of me
-doing things I was not passionate about
-toxic environments

The thing is, when you make drastic changes sometimes it may feel as if you’re being pulled to respond the way you used to. But you’re not in the same mentality anymore so you can’t, even if you tried.

The power of change has helped me not only run a business I am proud of, but to step into my power as a woman.

Now, making a change is not as difficult anymore because I started to pay attention. Whenever I was not willing to budge, things got worse or even overwhelming. But the moment I gave in to the idea of change, things began to flow.

At the moment, complacency may feel “safe” but at the cost of your soul. Is it worth it?

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