Have You Ever Noticed When Change Happens?

Here’s what stopped me from being the best version of myself.

-I got complacent.

I did this for so long in my own life and that’s why I am passionate about helping others not do the same.

Complacency is debilitating.

Have you ever noticed when change happens, it occurs around turmoil, frustration or even anger? Typically there is a breaking point and beyond that point, is where we realize change is necessary.

That’s why I studied to become a NLP trainer. It’s one thing to make people feel good. But to turn that motivation into action is a science that happens in our minds.

True change is possible with the right principles.

I am not willing to give up on my dreams.

So for me, it took me saying, “No” to a lot of things. I began to say no to things like:

-what others expected of me
-doing things I was not passionate about
-toxic environments

The thing is, when you make drastic changes sometimes it may feel as if you’re being pulled to respond the way you used to. But you’re not in the same mentality anymore so you can’t, even if you tried.

The power of change has helped me not only run a business I am proud of, but to step into my power as a woman.

Now, making a change is not as difficult anymore because I started to pay attention. Whenever I was not willing to budge, things got worse or even overwhelming. But the moment I gave in to the idea of change, things began to flow.

At the moment, complacency may feel “safe” but at the cost of your soul. Is it worth it?

I Wasn’t Supposed To

I wasn’t supposed to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, let alone millions.

See, when people look at me they think they know who I should be…but God had another idea.

Thats why I am so passionate about teaching.

I started my business with less than $5,000 and turned that into millions and counting.

Do you want to how?

Before I tell you, I’ll share with you why.

When I first started my business, no one really believed in me.

When I would share with others what I was doing, their reactions were similar to how people react to a puppy in the window of a pet store.

“Aw, how cute”, they’ll say. They’ll lean in, even entertain the idea and then they go back to their lives.

But two things I have always had is passion & vision.

I wanted to be free.

That’s why I started my business.

I wanted the flexibility to tithe any amount to churches, and charities. I wanted to travel the world with my daughter anytime. I wanted to have the resources to help others who couldn’t help themselves in their times of need. I wanted to eat any food regardless of how much it cost. I wanted to make decisions based upon my goals and not what I lacked.

Now that I can do al those things, I understand why people ask me to teach.

When I made $30,000 in a month, the first time, I dropped to my knees and thanked God.

By the time I hit $100,000 in one month, for a moment, I remember thinking it was a dream.

When I hit the first million…I couldn’t contain myself.

I called a local shelter and asked what they needed for the upcoming winter season.

Now, people were requesting me to speak and share how I did it.

I have no formal education, no Ivy League. Nor am I a trust fund baby. Remember, all I know is I had passion & vision and a will that even I cannot stop.

So when you attend my next event and you know I will teach you how I do it, remember that my will is unstoppable.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what life throws my way, freedom has always been the purpose.

And not just my freedom.

Yes, you can call me a dreamer or some will say I am naive…

Here’s what they do not understand.

When I made that first million, do you think I was concerned with this government or that celebrity or that distraction or who said what to whom?

Nope. I sure was not.

That was the first time that I had control of my personal economy.

I made better decisions, live a better lifestyle and have more flexibility than ever before.

That’s why I teach.

Not everyone wants to make millions of dollars, but if I teach you how to make an extra X amount of dollars…how would that change your life?

Think about it.

In my own life, I’ve had ups and downs.

People think just because I make more than some professional athletes that my life is problem free and that is not the case.

It’s just that I now have the resources to approach them differently.

I believe if I teach you how to increase your revenue online that you will affect change. Not only in your own life but in the lives of those around you and to me, that is the change we need to see.

What’s the point of a bunch of positive people who are meditating if those people don’t have the resources to help themselves or help others?

But what if, you could put the resources in their hands?

Are you starting to see why I am so passionate about this?

This is also the reason my events have no fluff.

Come with your laptop and your vision.

I have time to teach you what works, so you leave having everything you need to increase conversions, generate revenue and build a business with the flexibility to do what you want with your time.

All I know is, I deserve it and I will continue to teach the people who believe they deserve it too.

The next event is January 10-13, 2020.

If you want a ticket, let me know ASAP.

Once they sell out. That’s it.

Here’s to more in life,

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